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PéJi "Planification Journalière"

Before describing what PÉJI is, a brief presentation of the elements are necessary. As our understanding of the objectives thereof, the elements are resources, documents, actions and time. We begin by defining the time. Weather explained by a period a time schedule and an agenda the time is the point unifying the resources in their actions on a document. In regard to resources, they include all persons and / or materials requiring the use of a document in a given time. Then for documents, they represent the detailed information that conveys to communicate with resources including their durations and finally the action, it is the subject of the action taken by the resource on the document still in the same frame of time. In fact, the PÉJI establish how the evidence presented interact with each other. We communicate better we know who does what when where and how long.


The resource is either human or material or even recursively or either document. It is essential to the production to a planned project.


The document contains the necessary information conveyed by the resource may be an invoice, a quotation, a report, log, file, account, requisition, demand, good, and others.


The action consists of the state of the object of his action and his reaction.


So the PÉJI manages documents between all resources through a schedule maintained in the company. The objective is to reduce and eliminate the administrative arrangements within the organization. Using this technology, we know who does what, when, where and how long. The document system works in conjunction with all the resources through the same schedule. Here is an overview of different types of documents used by the PÉJI are inspection reports, reports of project expenditure accounts, the documents calling for bids, requisitions, purchase orders, the messaging system between resources, maintains employee schedules and documents, invoices and more.



A financial application with currency managing import/export in the mining industry for a large corporation


A document system project managing a retailer store,  with Cashier, barcode, accounts receivable, purchase order system, inventory managment.


Employee time tracker management with different wages for a large corporation.